Aspirus | Aspire | Spring 2019 13 Sure, youmay be eating right. But are you drinking right? To be exact: Are you staying well hydrated? Never underestimate the importance of water when it comes to your health, advises Suzanna Severson, registered dietitianwith Aspirus Iron River Hospital &Clinics. You can’t functionwell (or live) without water. It helps every cell, organ and tissue work properly. “Water makes up at least half of the body’s weight, and as we age it can be increasingly difficult to stay hydrated because we retain less water,” Severson said. “This can be especially dangerous for older adults because thewarning signs of dehydration aremilder and often go unnoticed until we are extremely dehydrated.” Check out these tips (plus a few facts) for drinking enough: Water is best for hydration. Sugary drinks pack unwanted calories, and caffeinemakes you lose fluids. Replenish. We needmore water when we exercise, work in the heat or have a feverish illness. Pay attention to urine color. Darker = not enough fluids. Pale and clear = just about right. Some foods supply water. Think fruits and veggies like watermelon, pineapple, cucumber, lettuce and tomato. Have water, will travel. Drinkmore by carrying around a reusable bottle. Is eight enough? Some people needmore (or less) than eight daily glasses of water. Not a fan of water? Rethink your drink. Add citrus slices for a flavor boost. Infused water tastes great and provides additional nutritional benefits. Here’s to healthy hydration DRINKUP! Have any questions or concerns about your water intake? Talk to your provider. For help in finding a provider, go online to or call the Aspirus Customer Contact Center at 800.847.4707 . HIKE DURING THE DAY. Whenever possible, plan to hike during the day. Not only is it easier to get lost in the dark, but the region where you are hikingmay be home to wild animals that come out at night. BOOSTINGYOURSUMMERACTIVITY? Talk to your provider about any health concerns you may have. To find a primary care provider at an Aspirus location near you, go online to or call the Aspirus Customer Contact Center at 800.847.4707 . TELL SOMEONE BEFORE YOU GO. Let a family member or a friend know where you’re going. Check in with themwhen you return. 5 6 Suzanna Severson, RD